Libraries After Dark: Art is for Everyone - Watercolour Workshop Series

House on a Farm Art as TherapyWellbeing – Art is for Everyone: Watercolour Workshop Series. In this four week series, join local artist Beray Uzunbay and immerse yourself in the gentle creative process that is watercolour painting.  Learn about various techniques and art styles, and discover your own creativity -  and much more - along the way.  All materials provided.


Week 1:  Flower Portraits            

In this class, students will gain an understanding of famous artists who paint flowers and why painting flowers can be calming.

Students will learn how to paint flower portraits in a loose and contemporary style. Specifically, Beray will take students step-by-step through a subject matter that consists of roses, lavenders and sunflowers. Furthermore, this class will focus on a variety of art elements, such as colour and form. 


Week 2:  Cubism Art   

In this class, students will receive a 20 minute lecture on cubism art. This lecture will cover:

  • who created cubism;
  • the aim of cubism; and
  • which Australian artists contributed to cubism significantly.

Afterwards, Beray will take students step-by-step through a cubist painting of nature.  This class will focus on the art element, line, significantly.


Week 3:  Daytime, Sunset and Night

In session three, students will paint 3 landscapes during different times of the day. Meaning, students will paint a sunset piece, a daytime piece and a night time piece. The aim of this class is to show students how different light and colour schemes inspire different feelings and emotions within the audience. In the beginning part of the class, Beray will provide a 15 minute lecture on how different colours impact people’s emotions differently.


Week 4:  Abstract Art

Students will be introduced to abstract art. In the beginning part of the class, Beray will explain:

  • what abstract art is;
  • who heavily contributed to the field of abstract art; and
  • how abstract art helps individuals explore their subconscious mind.

Students will then create a self-portrait through an abstract painting. This class seeks to spark conversations around identity through creativity and art. It also inspires students to relax and be free from following rigid methods and steps that are found in other styles of art, such as realism.


Numbers are limited so bookings are essential.  Due to COVID restrictions this event will now be online.

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