Changing Habits, Changing Direction

Have you ever had a habit that you just can’t seem to break?

You know stopping the habit could change your life for the better, but you just keep doing the same thing, over and over!  There are steps you can take to make change a reality.  Join Jenny Willis, Principle Consultant - Learning Designs Australia, who used this process, and stopped a bad habit that was ruining her life.   

Jenny will share with you, some fundamentals to start you on your way, then introduce you to the process that worked for her.

We will work through the process together, and you’ll be able to shape it to your own situation.

By the end of the final session you will have a greater understanding of how you too can make permanent change in your life.

Session 1:  4th November – In this session we outline the scope of the program, discuss the issue or habit to be changed, the mindset needed to allow change to happen, and goal setting tips.  We will look at how the process worked for me, and get you started on your personal journey.

Session 2:  11th November – In this session, we revisit the methodology.  Participants will discuss their initial use of the process, and thoughts as to actionable steps within their own unique desire for change.  Using support handouts and other resources available, session two is about strengthening their plan and committing to change.

Session 3:  18th November – This session is planned as an individual support and review time.  A personal scheduled Zoom session can be arranged to help refine your journey/plan.

Session 4:  25th November - Participants come back to group session sharing the processes, their thinking, and exercises or progress they have undertaken so far.  It’s a time to share resources and successes. This is also a great time to articulate and commit to next steps.


Spaces are limited.  Bookings Essential.  You only need to register once to attend all 4 events.  


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