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Starting Your Research

We have a number of resources available to help you research the history of Brimbank or your family history, including library collections, online resources and useful links.

Library Resources

Search the library catalogue for books and magazines relating to local history and genealogy topics.

Sunshine Library has a special Local History collection for use within the library which includes The Advocate community newspaper from 1934, on microfilm and in hard copy.
Deer Park Library has a special Genealogy collection for use within the library.

Sunshine Advocate

On the 1st of March 1924, the Sunshine Advocate was founded; the first registered local newspaper to be published in the municipality.
It was founded by Clarence Carlton, who remained the proprietor and editor from 1924 until 1965.

Issues of the Sunshine Advocate from 1924 to 1954 can be accessed online via Trove.
Sunshine Library also holds additional issues, both on microfilm and in hard copy.

Brimbank & North West Star Weekly

Digital editions of the Brimbank & North West Star Weekly, the local newspaper, can be accessed online via their website.

Family history links

If you are new to genealogy, you might like to start by reading a book or two from the library collection. You can also try your luck with a Google search for your significant ancestor – some research may have already been done!
State Library of Victoria Genealogy Centre
Public Record Office Victoria

Genealogical Society of Victoria
National Archives of Australia
Australian War Memorial


Useful links for history researchers

State Library of Victoria
Picture Victoria
Culture Victoria
Heritage Victoria

Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria: Sunshine Harvester
Museum Victoria: HV McKay
Royal Historical Society of Victoria

What house is that?

Culture Victoria

Get access to a range of cultural collections, resources and read up on the richness and diversity of Victoria. There is also a directory of over 700 places in Victoria with publicly accessible collections.

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