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Beginner Readers

Is your child learning to read?
This simple level guide will help you choose the right book for them.


For children:
•  who are just beginning to grasp the concept of reading

•  who can recognise the letters of the alphabet and may be able to identify some of the sounds they hear in words.
•  who are beginning to make the connection between spoken and written language.

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For children:
•  who are connecting print with meaning.

•  who are confidently identifying the letters of the alphabet and their associated sounds.
•  who can see a word on a page and will attempt to sound out some or all of the letters.

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For children:
•   who are becoming more confident readers.

•   who can recognise the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
•  who can identify the sounds that individual letters make and can read some high-frequency words (e.g. and, the, was).
•  who are beginning to read for meaning, and attempting to self-correct if the reading is not making sense.

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For children:

•  who are becoming more confident, independent readers.
•  who are able to read with greater comprehension and can recognise different types of text.
•  who can read a considerable number of sight words and spend less time trying to sound out every word on the page.
•  who are reading aloud with increasing fluency and expression in their voices.

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For children:

•   who are competent readers and capable of reading more challenging texts.
•   who can read silently and for longer periods of time.
•   who can use a text to draw conclusions and make comparisons with other text that they have read.

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Browse our Beginner Reader collection using our online library catalogue or visit the children’s area at any of our five Brimbank Libraries branches.

ZIPTALES Logo 1ZipTales Online Library

Brimbank Libraries also provides access to ZipTales, an online literacy program created by teachers and mapped to the Australian National Curriculum. This is a fantastic eResource for reluctant readers, especially!

It includes Easy Readers, which provide phonics-based Dr Seuss styled reading practice, as well as Junior Readers which are longer stories for beginning readers. All stories come with professional voiceovers which are very useful for shared and guided reading.

There are 500+ interactive stories with voiceovers, animations, games, quizzes and more are available to help make reading fun!

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