Learn English

These websites will help you & your family to learn English & have some fun together as well!

The library also has many resources to help you learn English- just ask at the Information Desk & staff will be happy to help you choose.

At home

Kids and parents

Help your child learn English - Tips.


Teach your child English with help in:

Intermediate - Advanced

BBC Skillwise - a great site for anyone wanting to learn the rules of: Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Listening and Vocabulary while playing language games:

  • Gnome fishing - go fishing with the gnomes to practise plural spelling rules
  • Silent Invaders - use a laser gun to shoot spaceships and improve you spelling
  • Scanning Game - solve a murder mystery while developing your reading/ scanning skills
  • Casualty Challenge - listen and complete tasks to save the day and get the patient to the hospital in time

DJ’s Cow Spelling Pattern Website
Practice spelling patterns with word puzzles

British Council website
Paint, play, draw and have fun learning English with your child

Learn to read and spell with sounds



The Internet TESL Journal offers Bilingual Quizzes in English and:

Living English - part of the Australia network website
Learn everyday English skills by watching Living English an online 42 part drama. Each video has focus on a grammar point. Topics covered include dating, catching a taxi, directions and much more.

Intermediate - Advanced

BBC Learning English
Learn English with help in:

Australia Network has web videos and English Language tips and practice sheets explore the site:

  • English Bites
    A web video documentary series for upper intermediate learners of English, explores topicial information and common English/ Australian expressions. Episodes can be downloaded to to your computer or portable MP4 player.
  • IELTS preparation for intermediate and advanced students
  • Nexus
    A tv program and website which features segments on topics such as science, history, business, Australian society, people and places for intermediate and advance students

Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms
Want to master advanced English expressions, like “have a ball” or “no big deal” search the Cambridge dictionary online for idioms and expressions.

In the community

Sunshine Learning Together Project
Sunshine Learning Together Project a program for women who have children 0 – 5 and are seeking to learn English. The classes are delivered on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Uniting Care Sunshine Mission in partnership with AMES/ For Enquiries please contact Maurie on (03) 9314-9478. Children participate in a specialist early developmental program while the parents learn English.

University of the Third Age
ESL Conversation Club (an English program for people 50+)
U3A Western Region Inc.
22 Geelong Rd
Footscray 3011
Wednesdays 10-12 noon
For Enquiries please phone: 9396 1792

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